Terms & Conditions

Important links: General information about Jonathan’s Snow Removal service and Snow Removal Sign-up Form

  • Snow removal contract begins Nov 1st 2019 until March 31st 2020
  • Snow removal will start after accumulation of 5cm has been reached, follow up visits will be performed once the street plows and sidewalk plows have been by during a snow fall.
  • Separate crews are delegated for driveway clearing and walkway clearing, with a priority given to driveway clearing. Walkways will be cleared after 5cm of accumulation has been reached, however they will be cleared separately from driveways and may be cleared up to several hours later.
  • Jonathan’s Snow & Landscaping will make every effort to clear snow before the morning and evening commute. However timing of the snowfall does not allow us to guarantee that snow clearing will be completed for a specific time.
  • Requests from the customers outside of a snowfall for extra clean-up due to: snow drifts, snow falling off roofs, cars being moved, or accumulation less than 5cm may be subject to additional charges.
  • Clients who wish to have the driveway cleared around where vehicles were parked moved must move their vehicles while employees and equipment are present on the client’s property. Drivers are on a tight schedule to ensure driveways are cleared in a timely manner and therefore cannot wait for clients to brush off their vehicles
  • During most snow fall events we perform multiple visits, if you wish to move your vehicles for the tractor to clean up around where vehicles were parked, please ensure the vehicles are moved when the driver returns
  • Special requests for extra visits to clean up after vehicles have been moved after the driver has been by may be subject to additional charges
  • No salting, sanding, or de-icing services are provided by Jonathan’s Snow & Landscaping unless otherwise specified.
  • Two (2) ‘Jonathan’s Snow & Landscaping’ markers will be placed at the end of each driveway at the beginning of the snow removal season. These markers are essential for drivers to identify laneways on our route allowing us to provide quick and efficient service. Replacement of these markers due to damages by the homeowner will be subject to a cost of $15 per marker fee.
  • Jonathan’s Snow & Landscaping will not be responsible for any scratches or scrapes to the driveway, or any minor damages to the lawn.
  • Jonathan’s Snow & Landscaping will make every effort to limit gravel being picked up and thrown by the snow blower onto the lawn and surrounding area, but cannot guarantee that this will not occur.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to keep the snow removal area free of all objects, excluding vehicles. Jonathan’s Snow & Landscaping is not responsible for removing objects and any objects present may result in snow removal not being performed. Jonathan’s Snow & Landscaping shall not be held responsible for damages including but not limited to, items such as water mains, extension cords, holiday lighting, building materials, garbage cans, recycling bins, downspouts.
  • Returned cheques will be subject to a $25.00 administrative fee.