It’s that time of year (again)!

We hope this finds all of you well after a bit of a crazy year so far.

Fall has once again snuck up on us quickly and it’s time to remind you of our snow removal sign-up for the upcoming 2020-2021 season.

For returning customers, early-bird sign up ends on October 1st. For new customers, the sooner we can sign you up the better to ensure you get the service you need this season.

Pricing updates

For the upcoming season, please be aware of our modest price increase to keep pace with inflation, etc.


$280 + HST shared single laneway** (single car garage each side)
$310 + HST single laneway (single car garage)
$350 + HST shared double** (2-car garage each side)
$390 + HST double laneway (2-car garage)

** Both neighbours must sign up for shared laneway pricing discount.


$125 +HST Small walkway (under 5 ft)

$150 +HST Medium walkway (5-10 ft)

$175 +HST Large walkway (10-15 ft)

Pricing available for longer walkways and laneways!

For any further questions please contact Tori at 613-262-6815 or by email at

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